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Empowering people to lead in the spirit and with understanding

The School of Leadership and Theology is the track we use to develop and equip leaders at Grace Vineyard Church. SoLT is also a place to learn more about the DNA of the Vineyard movement, grow in biblical understanding and to position yourself on the ‘advancing edge’ of God’s kingdom.

The school exists to serve the vision of Grace Vineyard Church, aiming to be a place that resource’s and expands God’s kingdom, throughout Canterbury, Aotearoa and beyond.


SOLT Leadership

Clark Alcock

Teaching Pastor, Grace Vineyard Church


The course runs over a two year period and is made up of four modules, with the opportunity to enrol at the beginning of each module.

Two teaching modules will run in 2019 beginning February and May.

For more details on teaching modules click here.

Course Components //

There are three components that part time students commit to over the course of each year.

(Click here if you were interested in full time study as an intern at Grace.)

Component 1.

Theology and Leadership Formation

The first component consists of weekly teaching sessions, with two lectures on each of the evenings following two particular streams. The first is Theology and Practice and the second is Kingdom Leadership.

Each of the modules run for 9 weeks on Monday nights at City Campus, and there are two modules a year. Click here to see the modules for 2020.

Component 2.

Ministry Formation

A ministry mentoring track helping students grow in character and their capacity as a kingdom leader.

This track involves:

  • Regular one-on-one mentoring with an experienced leader within the Vineyard family.

  • Up-front practicums for each module.

  • Compulsory book reading and assignments. There will be one book to read during each module, with an assignment due at the end of each one.

  • Committing to an area of weekly service within Grace Vineyard each year.

Component 3.

Spiritual Formation

Regular prayer, worship and intercession alongside others; helping students grow in spiritual authority. Our conviction as a school is that if we aren’t training people to pray, we are aren’t equipping people to minister.

This track involves:

  • A full day retreat and spiritual formation intensive each year. This will be a chance for all students to seek God together through worship, prayer and ministry to one another.

  • Committing to a pre-service prayer meeting at a local campus of the student’s choosing