Students will seek to ‘be imitators of God’ with ‘not even a hint of sexual immorality, or any kind of impurity,’ living as ‘children of light’ and finding out ‘what pleases the Lord’ (Ephesians 5:1-12). This standard of identity governs our personal and public life. 

We expect students to lead by example in lifestyle and standards - both when you are around those you lead and when you are not. Appropriate behaviour is expected surrounding social networks, drinking, and anything that would cause people to question your character. You are seen as staff members of Grace Vineyard Church and therefore represent Grace Vineyard leadership and our values everywhere you go.

We suggest no relationships beyond friendships between intern students, and we encourage transparency with leadership, regarding any new relationships you enter into during your year at Grace.


A Grace Vineyard Internship is not for those looking for a place of recovery, self-based discipleship or for people who are coming out of lifestyle sins. It is designed to be a ministry training center where students grow in understanding their identity, and walk in their kingdom authority and calling as children of God. Students come to serve and grow in mission. Our focus is outward not inward. 

Expected Values:

• To be actively pursuing and growing in an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (“TO BE DISCIPLES”)

• To actively build and grow relationships with all those your minister to, pointing them to Jesus. (“TO MAKE DISCIPLES”)

• To be a committed member of Grace Vineyard Church – to be giving financially (what God asks of you), to serve our people, our values and our principles.

• To be always taking initiative, being aware, and seeking to serve where needed. “We are to be servants who lead, not leaders who serve”  

• Honesty and transparency


The freedom of the Internship environment requires a high level of self-management. Any student struggling to make wise choices will receive quick and direct confrontation, which is designed to help draw out the greatness within the student. Our staff are trained and empowered to apply strength and grace in whichever areas necessary of students' lives.  


Students are expected to attend classes, ministries, mission trips, small group and church services regularly and punctually. It is never acceptable not to communicate to people if you are going to be late or cannot make it.